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Welcome to Alone in the Bath, your one-stop shop for hand-made horror bath products!

From bath bombs and soaps to candles, our products are creepy-looking, beautiful smelling, and made with extreme attention to detail.


Based in London UK, Alone in the Bath was established on Halloween 2019, and has been providing fellow horror-fans with spooky bath products ever since.


Join our community of brave-bathers today...

if you dare.


photos by our brave bathers

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"I Feel so Funky" green ghost bath bomb, being held in a hand


I absolutely adore this bath bomb. Ghostbusters is my favourite movie and the level of detail gone into it is fantastic. The smell of it is gorgeous! 


Megan 06 Nov, 2020

"Parma Pumpkin" cauldron bath bomb


Perfectly packaged! Bought as a gift for a friend and she was over the moon. So an excellent purchase!


Cade 01 Oct, 2021

"Beep Beep, Richie!" Pennywise bath bomb, dissolving


Absolutely amazing! The attention to detail in this is unbelievable! It smells amazing too! I will definitely be ordering more!
Thank you!


Ruby 10 Sep, 2021


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Alone in the Bath

218 Upminster Road South

RM13 9BH



Email: info (at)

Tel: 07895 561932

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